Life cycle of the Pacific Treefrog

The Mediterranean Coast Network Inventory & Monitoring Program oversees the aquatic herpetofauna monitoring protocol. The protocol is being implemented at the following parks:

Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area
Routine monitoring of aquatic herpetofauna populations in the Santa Monica Mountains have occurred since 2000. The park, in partnership with Pepperdine University and the Resource Conservation District of the Santa Monica Mountains (RCD), first began an inventory of aquatic amphibians to learn where these creatures were living as well as how many of each species there were. A long-term monitoring strategy for aquatic amphibians was subsequently developed based on the inventory and implementation began in 2005. NPS biologists survey 22 park streams twice between the spring and early summer breeding season, once to collect a comprehensive set of biological and environmental data, and then again to specifically look for target and non-native species. Partners survey an additional 10 streams following the same protocol. Learn more