The Mediterranean Coast Network Inventory & Monitoring Program oversees the climate monitoring protocol. The protocol is being implemented at all three parks. Climate data is collected by various agencies using several types of automated and manual weather stations throughout Coastal Southern California national parks. These data allow monitoring of climate conditions at the parks. The long-term data from these stations give park managers an historic perspective on climate, help them better understand what causes changes in components of the ecosystem (e.g., landbird populations), as well as to document long-term changes in climate.

Cabrillo National Monument

Channel Islands National Park
Channel Islands park staff monitor and report daily weather conditions on the islands. The islands are located in a major transition zone of cool and warm ocean currents each exhibiting unique climatic conditions. There are four automated real-time weather stations on the Channel Islands that collect data on precipitation, air temperature, relative humidity, wind direction and speed, solar radiation, fuel moisture and fuel temperature, barometric pressure, and dew point. Additionally, island staff collects data on precipitation, minimum and maximum air temperature, wind speed and direction, visibility, and state of the seas from six manual weather stations.

Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area