Cultural Resources

A rich and diverse cultural heritage can be found in Coastal Southern California national parks. The parks represent nearly every major prehistoric and historic theme associated with human interactions on the landscape, including associations with the marine environment as well as in the development of the western United States.

  • Resources found throughout Cabrillo National Monument, Point Loma peninsula, and San Diego Bay area include some of the earliest known Kumeyaay Indian sites, early Spanish colonial sites, and military sites through World War II.
  • At Channel Islands National Park, cultural themes include early prehistoric sites, seafaring Chumash Indians, European exploration and exploitation including Russian, British, and American fur traders, 19th and 20th century ranching and agricultural activities, Chinese fisheries and other maritime history and resources, and military use and occupation.
  • In the Santa Monica Mountains, resources range from Chumash and Tongva Indians, Spanish explorers, Rancheros and Homesteaders, to modern day themes such as America cinema, transportation, and land use history illustrated by water importation.

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