The Coastal Southern California national parks have been an integral part of many important periods in natural and human history. The innumerable archaeological artifacts left behind provide a wealth of information about the people who have lived and died here.

  • Approximately 30 known archaeological sites are within Cabrillo National Monument with an additional 60 sites present on adjacent military land on the peninsula.
  • Channel Islands National Park contains one of the most significant collections of archaeological resources in the world. Their abundance and high degree of preservation make them a valuable resource of information that is unrivaled on the mainland.
  • Though only 40% of the Santa Monica Mountains have been surveyed (70% of which on National Park Service properties), nearly 1000 known archaeological sites, one of the highest densities in any mountain range in the world, are located within the recreation area boundary.

If you happen to be lucky enough to find yourself in the midst of some of these sites, please remember to respect these special and fragile places and leave them as you found them.