Landbird Long-term Monitoring

Island scrub jay, NPS Photo

The Mediterranean Coast Network Inventory & Monitoring Program oversees the landbird monitoring protocol. The protocol is being implemented at the following parks:

Channel Islands National Park
Landbird populations on the Channel Islands have been routinely monitored since 1993. Between March and June, biologists conduct point and transect counts on four islands – Santa Barbara, Anacapa, Santa Rosa and San Miguel. All birds seen or heard are recorded, and estimate population densities are calculated for species that are known to breed on the islands. The number and relative abundance of individual species varies by habitat type, and also changes annually as a result of migration to and from the mainland. Results from this monitoring program have shown an increase in several bird species following the removal of cattle from Santa Rosa Island. Learn more


Landbird monitoring is currently not being conducted at the following parks:

Cabrillo National Monument

Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area
In development, seeking partnerships