National parks and other protected areas provide unique opportunities for scientific research because these areas are preserved and protected, and can be studied as reference points for comparisons with similar, altered environments. The three Coastal Southern California national parks supports and welcomes a broad scope of research on the terrestrial, freshwater, and marine aspects of the Mediterranean type climate. Of particular interests to parks are topics that enhance the park’s understanding and management of the interface between humans and the natural communities. Topics include:

  • The effects of urbanization on species and their habitats
  • Status and trends in marine ecosystems
  • Effects of habitat fragmentation
  • Effects of non-native species invasion and restoration actions
  • Societal attitudes toward protected areas and NPS management actions
  • History of physical and ecological change of the parks
  • History of humans and their cultures within the Biome

The park's have identified research and learning needs in several topic areas. The Coastal Southern California national parks looks forward to working with researchers to explore novel opportunities and facilitate future studies in our parks.