Where We Work

The Coastal Southern California national parks are located in a unique and dynamic region that represent a variety of ecosystems and environments.

  • All of the parks represent some of the best protected examples of the Mediterranean ecosystem. This ecosystem is one of the rarest in the world.
  • Cabrillo National Monument and Channel Islands National Park protect one of the most productive marine environments in the Pacific Ocean.
  • Channel Islands National Park preserves the island ecosystems off the coast of California, where many of the species have evolved into distinct lineages just a stone's throw away from the Southern California mainland.
  • Situated next to the city of Los Angeles, Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area face issues along the urban/wildland interface. Issues, such as fire, animal conflict and invasive weeds, have increased over the years as the population grows using land adjacent next to the natural parkland.

See the links below for more in depth information on some of the issues: